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>Transformer Oil Tester,Insulation Oil Tester


In the electric power industry, switch oil tester, mutual inductor oil tester, oil testing device/equipment/set/unit/, oil tester set/device/unit/Equipment: Insulating oil is wildly applied in electric equipments. The dielectric strength is a comprehensive index for insulating oil. Series IIJ-II oil tester is special for testing insulating oil’s dielectric strength. IIJ-II Automatic oil tester is designed according to international standard of IEC156. Adopt industrial single chip as controller, apply large integrate circuit, new type I/O interface, LCD displayer, combined with special testing and anti-jamming technologies which greatly improve the tester’s performance. 

1. Simple operation, high degree of automation (just press a button) 
2. Using the menu management, easy to understand the input parameters 
3. Can store 99 groups oil sample test data to facilitate future access to and print, test data can be stored in power off state for 10 years. 
4. The system clock in the power off state can continue to run. 
5. Through the RS232 port with a software upgrade or with the PC, on-line detection. 
6. Anti-interference ability 
7. Detection with high precision 
8. Small size, light weight, easy operations 

Technical Parameters: 
1. Power supply: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz 
2. Output voltage: 0~80KV(60KV\80KV) 
3. Capacity: 1.2KVA(1.6KVA\2.0KVA) 
4. Speed of pressure rise: About 2KV/S 
5. Voltage test precision: ± 3% 
6. Breakdown sensitivity: <2KV 
7. Wave difference: ≤ 3% 
8. Time of breakdown: ≤ 10ms 
9. Working condition 
Temperature: 0~40 humidity: The biggest comparatively humidity85% 
10. Reserve circumstance 
Temperature: -20~60 humidity: The biggest comparatively humidity75% 
Working altitude: <1500m (if over 1500m can be designed specially) 
11. Dimension: 480mm*460mm*460mm

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Oil Filtration Technical

█ Dehydration(Degas)system
The horizontal vacuum vessel can enlarge evaporation area efficiently. The heater, being placed on the horizontal vacuum vessel, becomes an evaporator.

█ Filtering system
The filtering materials with variable apertures are made of specialized glass fiber. The sizes of the filtering fiber and aperture dwindle gradually in the different filtering stages.

█ Oil Heating System
Oil Heater System assures less than 10w/cm². During the heating process, the deterioration of the oil caused by overheating is avoided.

█ Oil-level Controlling System
The infrared liquid level automatic controller system is installed in the vacuum vessel to control the oil level in the operation. The design eliminates froth and avoids oil ejecting and gushing during the process.

█ Structure and Appearance of Oil purifier
Various sizes and configurations (alloy shield) available
Available in mobile or stationary options
Anti-explosion enclosure available

█ Cooler, Condenser System
The system is composed of cooler, condenser, water receiver etc.The vapor and other gases, which are separated from oil in vacuum chamber, first drop in temperature and are rid of moisture in condenser, then are condensed again in cooler which has retarded exchange media.

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