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Hydraulic Oil Filtration System/Lubricant Oil Purification System

Series TYA Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating oils, such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil,heat treatment oil and so on. According to the lubricating oil’s nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication oil, so guarantee lubricating system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machine.

1. Using the single-screw pump as an assisted oil-feed pump to make sure the high viscosity liquid feed in
2. Special high-intensity no-blockage filter element improves the ability of oil flowing and not reduces the precision.
3. Automatic back flushing system. Avoiding the trouble of hand washing and the damage to filter element.
4. The advanced low temperature separated oil and water technology from Japan can purify the molecular water in oil.
5. The Japanese macromolecule magnetic filter element can purify the impurities efficiently without any additive. Impurities in purified oil are less than 5 μm. And the cleanliness is over NAS6.
6. The heating system is made from aero materials. It guarantees the balanced heating. You can control the oil temperature between zero centigrade and eighty centigrade, as you wish. The normal purifying only takes about 45% power in the gross power. No carbonization.
7. The combination of coalescing separation and vacuum duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating water. Liquid water content will less than 5PPM, and breakdown voltage will achieve 65KV after purified.
8. A trio of automatic interlocked preventive device. It can run online 200 hours above.
9. We can design explosion preventive machines with your request. The degree of explosive prevention can achieve dIIBT4, even dIICT4.

Hydraulic lubricating oil treated by this machine contains so low emulsification value, few water content and impurities that it can be used repeatedly in the highly precise hydraulic lubricating equipment at home and abroad. This series can fast degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on). Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance. Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is suit for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufactures and so on.

hydraulic oil filtrationtransformer oil filtration,

hydraulic oil filtration system,lubricant oil purification system

hydraulic oil filtration system,lubricant oil purifier,lubricating oil recycling

turbine oil filtrationWaste Engine Oil Filtration System,


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Oil Filtration Technical

█ Dehydration(Degas)system
The horizontal vacuum vessel can enlarge evaporation area efficiently. The heater, being placed on the horizontal vacuum vessel, becomes an evaporator.

█ Filtering system
The filtering materials with variable apertures are made of specialized glass fiber. The sizes of the filtering fiber and aperture dwindle gradually in the different filtering stages.

█ Oil Heating System
Oil Heater System assures less than 10w/cm². During the heating process, the deterioration of the oil caused by overheating is avoided.

█ Oil-level Controlling System
The infrared liquid level automatic controller system is installed in the vacuum vessel to control the oil level in the operation. The design eliminates froth and avoids oil ejecting and gushing during the process.

█ Structure and Appearance of Oil purifier
Various sizes and configurations (alloy shield) available
Available in mobile or stationary options
Anti-explosion enclosure available

█ Cooler, Condenser System
The system is composed of cooler, condenser, water receiver etc.The vapor and other gases, which are separated from oil in vacuum chamber, first drop in temperature and are rid of moisture in condenser, then are condensed again in cooler which has retarded exchange media.

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